CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a recent and very important discovery in the health and wellness industry. The great discovery provides for a wide scope of medicinal benefits with little to no side effects.

CBD is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. It has been drastically increasing in popularity due to the wide variety of medicinal benefits it carries. One large draw to CBD oil, over and above its exhaustive list of benefits, is that it has little to no side effects along with its lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC).

According to U.S. Government Patent #6.630.507, the hemp plant supports the nutritional health of everybody from young adults to aging bodies.

benefits of Cannabidiol


People around the wellness world are turning to CBD for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Along wiith the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil may offer benefits for acne management.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is has antioxidant and neuroprotective properties helping to reduce damage to the brain.

Relieves Pain

Alongside the lack of feeling “high,” CBD has shown positive pain relief effects.

Promote Bone Growth

Research shows that cannabinoids, including CBD, increase bone growth and bone density.

Aids in weight loss

CBD suppresses appetite and increases mitochondria level within the body, allowing the body to burn more calories.


Hemp and Cannabis are often misunderstood. So what is the difference between the two?

Hemp: Is a non-psychoactive plant which is used in clothing, paper, dietary supplements, cosmetics products, personal care products, foods and more. Hemp is grown as a large crop outdoors with both male and female plants used to aid pollination and enhance seed production.

Marijuana: Is a psychoactive plant “Cannabis sativa” that is used for medical and recreational purposes. Is typically grown under controlled conditions, with all male plants removed from the crop in order to prevent fertilization. This is because fertilization lowers THC level.